We got the access to the house yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. It has been a flurry of activity ever since.

We dragged in a few car loads of possessions, met with several contractors, and started some mini-demos. Most importantly we relished in the sunshine of our new back yard. Grass is an amazing luxury after 7 years of condo conrete.

(Condo lawn chairs & the mini reno)

Last night we managed to hit up the last minute Home Depot run to garner some supplies. Rake, putty, putty knife, broom, and lots of small odds and ends. Granted by the time we got home it was too late to start anything substantial. Sweaty, tired, overwhelmed and completely in disbelief of our new home we setup the inflatable mattress for the night (crap, we forgot pillows). *yawn* Sleep? No. We had yet to saber some Champagne!


First thing in the morning, we gained some clarity for our first renovations. The first discovery was that we could indeed re-plumb our bathrooms for the layout we have envisioned (hurray!), and the second discovery was that our sewer main is really old (boo! – but kinda expected). We are having a specialist come on Monday to provide us some options on what do about the roots and water pooling in the main.

While the second contractor was checking out our roof, our new washer and dryer showed up. Fun, but they remain uninstalled.

While our third contractor showed up we found that our roof would cost us about $8k (garage + house). This is also our third quote, so we’ll have to make a decision on this shortly. Then we found out from the second contractor how much it would cost to redo the HVAC system (new furnace, hot water, filter, ducks, air returns, new etc…  It was a lot.

(This sticker is on our original furnace from 1962 of which I think is awesome)

Contractor number four also came and did a HVAC quote. This one took far less time, and the guy doing it seemed completely uninterested in problem solving the fact that we have concrete walls all over the place (painful – yes, impossible -no).

Throughout the day, Pam took off baseboards in the master bedroom, as well as cleaned various nooks. Steve later dropped by with his reciprocating saw – which he so graciously is letting me borrow (thanks buddy!) – and with Pam’s assistance we took down project Lilac tree. Who doesn’t love Lilacs? But this sucker was outta control, and covered up a large south facing window.

Our front lawn is now home to the lilac warzone. Oh, which reminds me… While people were coming and going, I got to work cleaning up the front lawn which was home to several million pine cones. Once gathered in piles, I realized that picking up the piles by hand is not a fun activity (gotta fix that).


I think that’s all for today. The weekend will provide more time for a few more projects. Pam bought some paint, so we’ll see what happens.