It feels like we’ve been sprinting since we got the keys on Thursday…

Few things got tackled since the last post. The master bedroom did in fact get painted. However it wasn’t as easy as paint jobs in the past. We pulled all the baseboards, filled massive holes, and sanded every inch of the walls. We also had to paint parts of the ceiling as they too were painted to match.

Also if look closely you’ll see we replaced the light in the room. The previous one had the outside shell (plastic) painted in yellow as well. As you can see we transformed the room to something a bit calmer (a shade of gray – leaning towards blue). Now we just need baseboards.

Speaking of which. I went shopping for a miter saw and was completely overwhelmed. 10″ or 12″ contractor grade or entry level. Sheesh. Anyways, I think I’m leaning towards getting a Ridged as it’s on sale right now with the stand at Home Depot.

Before the weekend was out Pam found some extra motivation to get rid of some fancy wall paper stuck in the entry way closet. A little bit of water and a scraper took care of that one. GONE!

Not all has been sunshine and rainbows though. I had a expert from ClearView┬ácome and re-inspect our main sewer drain. Not good people, not good. Apparently there’s lots of good stuff floating around (sarcasm?), roots, and several holes. Basically a ticking time bomb. *sigh* Getting this fixed Saturday.

My wallet hurts.

On a happy note, heart wallpaper is kinda cheery.