When we bought this bungalow we knew that the heart of the home had some issues. This is the first of three major updates/upgrades (can you call changing the HVAC a renovation? Maybe.). We put out three quotes to get work done, and we finally settled in using ClearView.

Brenda (from ClearView) came and did an in-depth inspection of our home the second day we had the keys (along with everyone else really). She spent well over an hour planning out the renovation (I’m gonna call it that, and I’m fine with it). Friendly, informative and put together a compelling quote for all the work we needed done. New furnace, hot water tank, new ducting…who am I kidding, here’s the list:

  • Furnace: York (98% efficient – apparently our 50 year old furnace would have been around 50% efficient)
  • Rheem 40 Gallon Hot water tank
  • Eco Airflow dynamo filtration system (great for allergens, dust, and gross stuff)
  • New thermostat
  • Two carbon monoxide alarms
  • Re-duct and add airflows (more on this later)
  • 4 new holes in the concrete to vent and bring systems up to code
  • Vent outside the deck vs right under it
  • Re-vent the stove outside (versus to just the basement – whaaa?)
  • Chimney liner
  • Permits, licenses, inspections
  • New water pressure regular valve (our pressure here is 110psi – normal should be 65-75 apparently)
  • General basement plumbing fixes (a few things seep and leak)

I think that’s it. It took two guys two days to complete.

(Old vs New)


(Four new holes in the foundation – courtesy of ABC Coring)


(Insulated under the deck & new exhausts)

(Peaking out from the deck)

Overall I’m very pleased at how things turned out. The guys from ClearView seemingly did a great job getting everything as they said it would and got it all done when they said they’d do it. Hurray! The only downside to this recent venture was that we discovered a bit more concrete than expected. Thus we couldn’t add as many hot & cold air returns.

ClearView is coming back on Saturday to reline our sewer main. That um… should be interesting.

In the meantime I’m going to go cross off a bunch of Todo list items. 🙂