A small myriad of events have gone down since the last post. For starters we’re finally all moved in and living in one location exclusively – a massive stress relief. Also the sewer line has been fixed, but that post needs to wait for another day as I’m still tabulating the facts and editing some video. But if you are dying to know, you can see this twitpic. Oh! I finally got around to installing the washer and dryer and ClearView came back to install a PRV to tone down the insane water pressure. Phew.

New washer and dryer are finally installed

In other news, we’ve also started our own twitter account (@NorthGlenmore) for more frequent updates. Follow away. 🙂

The long weekend has proven fruitful in getting a jump on things around the house again. As and added bonus our good friends Jaymi & Jason came all the way out from Kamloops (BC) to help us. Upon their arrival they noticed how long our grass was, and decided we needed to buy a lawn mower (um, yes). We got a Honda. We also got a weedwacker. Getting lost in the waist height grass is finito!

Take that grass!

Cutting to the chase we painted almost the entire basement. Goddamn these guys are troopers. Downstairs bedroom plus the ceiling, downstairs hallway, concrete wall, and the entire open lounge area. Total time with four people? Seven hours. Not including two meals, beers, and wine.

Jaymi and Jason givin'r


Smile! You've been puttied.

Smile! You've been puttied.

Speaking of paint, we went with Benjamin Moore for the entire house. I’m sharing this since it has been a massive time saver and looks great. The paint we chose has primer IN the paint formula, thus most walls only needed two coats. A bit more expensive, but if you’re savvy you can save a few bucks when buying in bulk (we prepaid for 10 gallons).

Bedroom complete

Late night living space

Banana = peeled. HUGE thanks to Jaymi and Jason. You guys are awesome.

The next day we took care of some more yard work. Pam mowed, I killed the excessive growth. Using small engines to tame overgrowth is surprisingly satisfying. Taking down the entire back lane plus the entrance to our garage blew through half a tank of gas. I also took down an anthill. Those suckers are everywhere!

…While doing this post Pam just took down painting the rest of the upstairs hallway, I better go help!