Since moving into the house we’ve had an unprecedented amount of friends/family come by. This weekend was no exception. So outside of hosting a few dinner parties, and lighting up the fire pit for the first time, we managed a few more renos.

In no particular order:


TOTO - Drake

  • Purchased two new TOTO toilets (thanks to Pam’s sister (Andrea) for the hookup). Apparently these can flush 2lbs of operation brown at a time. Might install these bad boys next weekend.
  • Moved two new offices chairs from my new office to our home office (yay for seating!)
  • Moved a bunch of our boxes and clutter from the front entry way to more suitable locations in the house.
  • NEW TOOL! A Ridged Belt Sander. Whee. It was on sale at Home Depot for $99.
  • Took down the old kitchen on the deck
  • Kicked down all the outdoor seating on the deck (I had to unscrew first, but the wood was rotting)
  • Used Steve’s sawzall to take down the deck fencing. Both metal and wood blades were used in full effect.
  • Chemically treated and sanded the entire deck.
  • Borrowed a pressure washer (Thanks Keith!)
Regarding the deck. OMG. This is proving to be an epic task. Most of the wood is in decent shape, however there are large sections that have multiple layers of blue paint, and the majority has grayed as well.


Friends (Joan & Lawrence) suggested using some chemical cleaner / bleacher to treat and restore the decking. A few hours later a few gallons of crazy chemicals from Benjamin Moore were purchased and the deck was under restoration.

It um... went late.

Chemicals kinda worked. To be honest, we didn’t feel all that great about using chemicals, but they did help. We did decide to finish the job the old fashion way and “sand the shit” out of this thing. We ended up renting a 16″ industrial deck sander from the despot. It also kinda worked. Pam went to town with the behemoth, I manned the new belt sander with some 40 grit. We um, made progress.

What I’m getting at here is that, refinishing this deck is proving to be a LOT harder than we thought. If you’ve had experience refinishing a deck we’d love to hear from you. There’s still a fair bit of paint, and the boards are uneven, so sanding is taking a while. Getting there.


Pre chemicals - post belt grinding

Chemicals burn - the excess drips really pop

Post Karate kid


Sanding mostly complete, rinsing time...

Since we’ve run out of time THIS weekend, we’ll have to save part 2+ for next weekend. Pam is currently investigating tempered glass railing, along with some deck seating framing thingers. Will that get done? Dunno, there’s still some paint to tackle.

…and we need some new 2×6’s for some of the rotten wood pieces (Keith managed to partly fall through a board, and then that section later swallowed up Pam’s leg!). Hmm… I guess I better hurry up and get that Miter saw. 😉