Ok, so it’s been a month since the last home update. We kinda burnt out from renos, sue us.

Well not entirely, we’ve been doing a bunch of little things, but decided to try and focus a bit on enjoying what has been left of summer. So what did we do? We took up Golf! Kinda weird if you know us well enough, but there’s a golf course (the one in North Glenmore Park is called – Lakeview) within walking distance from our new house so we figured we should give it a shot.  We’re now hooked.

Pam at the range

As for actual house stuff, we’ve finished up a few things, and queued up a bunch more. Firstly the stairs on the deck are done, and installed. Sounds easy, but HEY try installing stairs at 45 degrees! It’s trickier than you’d think at first glance, since as you move each board across you start loosing length on one side. Thus at the top of the stairs you have lots of excess vs directly below you are right at the limit of screwing in a board. Rocket science at it’s finest.

Stair it up


Otherwise we’ve poked around at our electrical situation, and had some quotes come in for that work. We’ve also recently discovered a plumbing surprise behind the hutch in our kitchen.

Cabinet surprise...

This is far from cool, and let me explain why. On the left you see is the sewer exhaust connection, and it takes a sharp turn right into the wall (which is concrete). Also on that same pipe there was an old pipe just open (now filled with a rag – for now). The second I pulled off the cabinet door it stunk something fierce. This alone is sucky, but not the end of the world. Now moving right you’ll see the black pipe which is the sink drain and has FIVE 45 degree bends in it. No wonder the water drains so slowly. Also you’ll notice on the right two small pipes for hot and cold water. Again, all this is bored through the concrete wall to the bathroom. What’s even more upsetting here is that the emergency water shut off valves are behind this screwed in (ie: you need a screwdriver) panel. Lastly, there is a random outlet just sitting on the floor in behind here as well.

Let me sum up our feelings about this.


Oh well. We’ll get around to fixing this at some point, just toss another job on the fire.

Speaking of fire! While we were traveling through BC we saw the biggest fire (controlled thankfully) that we’ve ever seen.

Fire in Yoho National Park

That’s all for now since it’s suppose to be in the high 20’s this weekend. I think we’ll go Golfing. 🙂 Oh and Wednesday we get a new roof.