A fair bit has happened since we last posted, however this weekend we returned to renos and went full force. Twitter has been great for filling in the gaps, so if you’re curious feel free to follow us there.

Firstly, we had a craptacular amount of refuse sitting in our backlane. Most of this was due to our four week escapade on our deck. We also had a bunch of left over “treats” from the previous owner that was crowding the garage. We rented a bin, bought a sledge hammer (for the leftovers) and went on a destruction/cleanup rampage. All told this took us about 3 hours on Saturday morning.

Pre & Post refuse pile

Pre & Post refuse pile

As a side note, wielding a sledge hammer and smashing things to bits is sincerely one of the most gratifying things I’ve done since we moved in.

Just after we finished up, we got a call from the furniture store to let us know that our chairs arrived. Cleaned up, drove down and picked them up. Sweet.

New dinning room chairs

Later that day we ended up at Tims Reusables in the search of new interior doors (since Pam had ripped down the existing doors in the first week of ownership). Luckily we found 4 doors that fit the bill. They were brand new and still in cellophane – total cost $180. Two problems though: 1 they didn’t quite fit in the wagon, and 2 they are about 3-4 inches too tall (apparently this is normal). Solution 1: tie down the tailgate. Solution 2: buy new tools!

I love buying new tools.

I had to get a newer circular saw (got a Makita), since our garage sale special didn’t exactly cut straight lines (good for the deck, not so much for doors). I also got a 60 tooth finishing blade to make sure the cuts would be smooth. Also got some door hardware (hinges, screws, template kit), as well as some wood chisels and some work horses. This was all post watching this helpful video from Lowes:

I managed to test this out on a scrap door that Tim gave me for free so I could practice. While doing this I realized that my 10 year old cordless drill was um… not good enough to cut door handle holes. Sooo… NEW DRILL FOR DAVID! Woooooo. Yeah, I splurged and got a cordless Milwaukee that doubles up as a hammer drill (figured since we bought a concrete bunker this might come in handy). The new drill cut in the holes like it was butter.

Husky clamp cutting guide

Also, I need to reference the single most wicked tool that helped me cut a dead straight door. The Husky clamp cutting guide. I don’t care what the reviews on home depot say – this thing is pimp. Adjust it for the width of the circular saw, make sure it’s straight, clamp it down, cut door, celebrate.

Three hours later this happened:

New door!

New hinges, new striker, new handles, and yes, a new door. To be honest I was a little surprised that it fit, but it does! Heck, it even locks – ooooh the luxury. The only thing it needs now is a lick of paint (it’s currently only primed). Next weekend perhaps. Crap, we still have three more of these to do.

The hardest thing about this project was all the measuring, remeasuring and then chiselling out the wood for the hinges. That’s kinda nerve wracking. Otherwise this is fairly straight forward, you just really need to take your time.

Well that’s about it for this weekend. Obviously there’s more to do next!

Oh, and our new roof got installed a few weeks ago. YAY!

New roof!

…There’s something weird yet incredibly awesome about being on your own roof. I can’t quite put my finger on it.