Whoa. Been dead around here. It seems that since the end of October not much has happened – well at least not a tonne worth writing about. I suppose you could say we went into renovation blogging hibernation.

The past couple of months we’ve finished up a few things around the house, including painting the five doors that we hung ages ago, stripping and repainting the basement bathroom, framing two windows, installed two new outdoor lights, new mailbox, new house numbers, new blinds and got a decorative outdoor plant. Pam also managed to dispose of around 58 litres of paint at the firehall (leftovers from the previous owners), and another 5 bags of pinecones (which is turning out to be a monthly task).

The bathroom touchup started innocently enough. The way the shower is currently installed is um, not right. The water hits the paint on the concrete wall, and then pools on the ridge between the wall and the tile. Guess what happens? Mould. Thus, one day Pam got fed up pulled up the caulk that was mouldy, along with half the walls paint (which had mould underneath). Mmmmm. Lots of stripping, bleaching, sanding, and more bleaching later, we could reapply a new water tight coat of paint. We applied an oil based paint (goddamn that stuff stinks) for the areas that are in contact with water, and latex everywhere else. We painted the steel frame that holds the shower curtain with some white Tremclad (metal paint). Lastly, we removed all the old fixtures, including the mirrors (they were all rusting).

Bathroom before

This renovation is “temporary” as we plan on gutting this bathroom and doing things properly. Having water touch a wall seems kinda wrong. Also, see that far wall in the photograph above – there’s a FREAKING WINDOW behind there. WOOT! That was a wicked surprise. Can’t wait to knock down this facade  and open a window.

Bathroom after - Operation peel the banana part 2?

Moving onto the windows. Back when we moved in and decided to start painting (2 days after taking possession), we ripped off the baseboards around the floors and windows. Somehow we’ve managed to leave the windows frameless for 9 months – quite the eyesore. Having found a sale on 10 x 8′ baseboards at HomeDepot, and purchasing a 12″ finishing blade for the mitre saw we got the job done. Lots of measuring, 45s, measuring some more, and nail gunning.

We also got seven sets of blinds which puts a nice finished look the house – not to mention privacy from some of our neighbours.

Frameless to Framed with blinds


Bedroom window

We replaced the old outdoor lights with motion sensitive energy efficient ones. We tested these right after earth hour (which apparently Calgary didn’t bother partaking in), and noticed how much brighter our walk way is now. Win.

New outdoor lights

This weekend we did some cosmetic changes to the front of the house. We removed the mailbox – which was nailed to one of our trees, and installed a new one (found on sale for $15 @ Urbanbarn) directly to the house. Pam found new nickle house numbers (Amazon), and a planter from Sunnyside. The hardest part about this project was using the hammer drill through the rock & glass stucco. Marking where to drill was easy, but making the drill go there was uber challenging since there are no flat surfaces. I’d say the numbers are “mostly” straight.

Front entrance upgrades


Nuthatch in the bird feeder

Oh, and we got a bird feeder, which has been surprisingly entertaining. We’ve had a mix of Chickadees, Nuthatches, and Sparrows come by. There are also a few woodpeckers floating around which is pretty awesome as we didn’t realize Calgary had any. We also have a bunny which has taken up residence under our deck all winter, and is currently hanging out in our back yard.

There is a lot of nature in our new neighbourhood and we love it.