Over the past month it’s been a slow and steady attack on our outdoor space. We have weeds with trees for root systems, and ants have set up major camp in 3 select zones. Here are some photos from the past month….

The fire-pit, eg: ant hill

We decided to take this old fire pit out. Not only was it a breading ground for ants, but it was located right underneath a tree. Um. No. BYE! Three out of the four concrete slabs were busted and throw away. Anyone want some old firepit blocks?

Ants, lots and lots of ants.

This was back in April. We then added a bunch of compost, mulch, and a crap-load of grass seed. I’ve been watering this almost daily since. Check it out:

April 29 - Filled, water, water, water

May 19th - I was losing hope the first few weeks

May 27th - whoa, grass?

During this time we also de-thatched the front and back yard. This was painful and took a long time. We could not believe how much stuff came out of the grass. After we were done, we over seeded and have been de-weeding almost every day for the past month. ZOMGs.

Thatch it up.

Most recently we edged the entire front of the house. This was amazing. There was at least 3 inches of overgrowth on each side of the walk way and sidewalks. The grass and earth was a good few inches deep ON CONCRETE! I’m amazed by the simplest of things lately. Good times.

After completing this, we realized that the front beds of our home were covered in overgrowth and crab grass. OUT! We tore it all up, cleaned it, and relined it landscaping fabric. Bonus, mulch at the depot was on sale (2 for 1). We bought a few wagon loads.


Halfway done.

Done and done. Bee-right!

Next week we’ll finish the east side of the house, until then here’s a photo of our bunny – Stew.

Stew - The rabbit