Hello house, you’ve been mostly good to us this winter, but sadly winter is still here. Lets take some time to update some of your quirks from the winter. But before we do here a video of us having fun:


One cold winter day in December, we tried to open one of your windows and you decided, “NO, I’M COLD AND I WON’T OPEN”. We had a fight, then you decided to fight back. You won.

There's your problem.

There’s your problem.

Then a few days later you decided to unleash an attack! Holy hell, what have you released on us? We thought it was some sort of Trilobite, and I suppose we weren’t too far off but they are actually Armadillidiidae or Pillbugs. Harmless, but girls don’t seem to like you. Apparently they are due to moisture. Greeeeat. Thanks house, you win again.


We’re under attack! Trilobite? No, Pillbug.

Two hard hit points against us, so we decided to fight back with an old errand. PAINT! We finally tackled the living room and boot room / bedroom numero three. It’s all fresh up in there now. Point home owners.


Take that living room!


We don’t know what you did to the neighbour, but apparently you won some sort of war with them. POOF!  It seems like you managed to destroy an old foe. House gone, and a few weeks later, new one under construction.  Hopefully it’s nicer and you two can be friends. We both won on this round. Points for everyone!


Oh, hello neighbour.

What’s this, moisture?! Hells yes, found you. I don’t know how we didn’t notice this earlier, but in the basement where the old stairwell was we found some old wood embedded in the concrete. It was disgusting, and there were lots of Pillbugs loving it up. Goodbye! Oh wait, crap there’s mould around here too. Well then, say hello to our friend Mr.Bleach. Hrm, say hello again! There we go, wood, moisture, and mould all gone. Thank you.


YUM! Rotting wood tasty delicious.


Three holes – all cleaned up.

Just to make sure Mr.Moisture doesn’t come back to haunt us, we decided to take on the task of cleaning you up, and plugging the problem. For some reason you had some bizarre plaster on the floor which took quite the hammering to remove. We then mixed up some Bonded Topping Mix and applied. We thought we would have lots of concrete left to do the entire section, but we weren’t even close after filling up the holes – we’d need two to three more bags at least (18kg each). We’ll see how this settles out and potentially get some more. For now, problem solved! Home owners score another point. Three all?


Scraped, cleaned and plugged.

We bought a new couch for the living room to match our new paint job. House, you are now more comfortable. The couch is built in Montreal and fairly modern. We struggled with potentially going leather but ended up with cloth.


Comfy couch mark II.

 So there you have it, a flurry of updates. The house fought with us a few times, but we managed to rise against. The one thing you’ll have noticed is that we haven’t fixed the window. We’re renovating the upstairs bathroom next, and during that process we’ll be replacing two windows. We’re super stoked to get that done, and look forward to updating you on the new upstairs wonder.

…bonus video of what it’s like to commute to bike to work in winter: